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This is a happy day! 09/22/2011

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I am picked up as the winner of September Scor-pal Designer Challenge !

Yay! Yay! Yay! I am so happy because I have worked extra hard on this and there are awesome entries by the others! It is extra special to me because my love for folding boxes. I want to thank the design team for choosing me: Big Hugs! You made my day!!

For the past two weeks, I had been crazy cleaning our house and changing the exercise room into a guest room for a friend’s visit this week. And my Mom is coming for a whole month starting next week! I am excited for the visits but preparation is stressful! Yet, I found the time to prepare my entries: whenever I am not moving furniture around, I am at my craft table!

Anyway, here is another box I made following Tami’s example on the challenge page a couple days ago but did not find the time to post. I finally get to use the pretty clay flowers I made:) Had so much fun! I love paper boxes!

Marker Box

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting~



Clay Adventure Part 1 + Some Molding Tips 06/28/2011

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All of these started with the following videos by three amazing ladies:


So I ordered some molds from Moldmuse… Shown above: The pink mold, the big red flower with a yellow center is one cast, and the small yellow roses. I ordered some buttons molds too, but I have not found a way to make them perfect yet, always something missing in a larger smooth area like that.


Then I learned about Amazing Mold Putty on Youtube. Shown above: All the yellow molds are made with some fancy buttons and keys I have. Love them all~~~ They are no where close to perfect but they were much worse 😉 I stared at my first patch for an entire night and made great improvements. Anyway, some tips I think would be helpful for some beginners like me ;”)

  • Work fast, the stuff hardens fast. I found it is easier to tell the mixing is done by putting the white part around the yellow part when you first start. When the even yellow color shown through, you are done.
  • Originals with fine, thin lines are much easier to make and cast. They are more forgiving.
  • When to stop: When the front of the original is covered, Shape the mold in the palm of your hand to make sure the open area is smaller than the front so no edges will show.
  • Do not push the originals too deep into the putty. The deeper it is, the thicker the casts will be.
  • Want more professional looking molds like what Moldmuse offers? They use a different type of molding material and process: pouring.


Ok, my favorite part:


Followed Gina K’s video, using LawnFawn “blissful botanicals”** set I made above~  How cute! Love them~~ Do remember to put some cornstarch on the stamp and clay before you stamp. Warning: My stamp gets ink stain easier afterwards but they still stamp perfectly.


I went back to Etsy and ordered more molds from two other vendors and will write my comparison in Part 2 of my little clay adventure. (Part 2 is done! Click Here!)


I do not cook, so this is my first experience with an oven too! Ha~ Happy crafting~~



** My set of “blissful botanicals” came with a little story: I had a line missing on one of my Lawn Fawn stamp (manufacture error). I wrote them an email hoping to get a replacement for that stamp with my next order. They went ahead and sent me a new set and an extra set of my choice immediately. I truly appreciate what they did. Warm and sweet, just as their stamps are. Thanks, Lawn Fawn, great products and customer services.