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[Tutorial] Origami Gift Box (incl. a Scor-pal Version) 11/12/2011

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Tutorial for :Origami Gift Box (Perfect For Washi Tapes)

P1020889 P1020890


When folding the paper, it is ok to leave a small gap but do not go over the points/lines as the red arrows shown in this tutorial.

If you are new to origami, please practice on some printer paper or scraps first.


[Traditional] A square piece of paper (any size), Pencil, Ruler and Eraser (Skip Step 2)

[Scor-pal] 6″ x 6″ paper, Scor-pal (Start with Step 2)

Optional: Bone Folder, Embellishments, Stamps (as shown in Step 7)

IMG 0923 IMG 0927

1. [Traditional] Mark on the back of your paper diagonally as shown below:


[Traditional] Fold the four corners to the center as shown: (It is ok to have gaps)

P1020850 P1020852

[Traditional] Open up and fold to the cross point as the red arrow shown below. Open up and fold the next corner in.

[Traditional] Remove the pencil marks when you have finished all four corners.

IMG 0926

2. [Scor-pal] 6″x6″ Patterned-side up: line up at 4-1/4” and sore at 2-1/8”, 3-1/4”, 5-1/4” and 6-5/8” as shown.

(I marked the 4-1/4” line at the bottom of the scor-pal for an easy line-up).

Turn the paper 90 degrees and score again at 2-1/8”, 3-1/4”, 5-1/4” and 6-5/8”.

IMG 0928 1

Finished fold lines shown as Patterned-side down:


3. Patterned-side down: [Traditional] Valley Fold as shown in orange lines. [Scor-pal] Score at 3” on all sides, stop at the corners of the middle box. Valley Fold.

P1020854 2 2 P1020855

P1020857 P1020858

4. Patterned-side facing you: Valley fold as shown on all sides


P1020860 1 P1020862

5. Fold as shown:

P1020863 P1020864

Continue to fold all the corners:

P1020865 P1020866

6. Step 5 finished look as shown.


Push the four little triangles as the arrows shown above to their left.

P1020869 P1020870

P1020871 P1020873

7. Fold the four flaps down as shown

P1020874 P1020876

[Traditional] You may have gaps on the flaps.


[Scor-pal] You will have a little overlapping on the flaps. Turn around and cut the little extra paper off.

P1020879 P1020881

If you want to stamp, do so before step 8.

IMG 0897

8. Fold the flaps back down one by one counter-clockwise.

P1020882 P1020883

Tuck the final flap in.

P1020884 P1020885

9. Decorate.

IMG 0930

Third entry for Lawnscaping Challenge #21: Thank You!

Also for Scor-pal Designer Chellenge

This is my first origami tutorial, please feel free to let me know if you have any question by leaving a comment to this post. I will try my best to answer.




12 Responses to “[Tutorial] Origami Gift Box (incl. a Scor-pal Version)”

  1. melaniadeasy Says:

    Thank u for the tutorial!!!! this box so cute and adorable. Thank you for playing at Lawnscaping 🙂

  2. Tamara Laan Says:

    Wow, love this little box
    Thanks for the tutorial 🙂
    Thanks for playing along with us ar Lawnscaping again
    xx Tamara

  3. Christiana Says:

    These are so sweet! I love the step by step instructions. I am definitely going to try to make one of these. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!

  4. Laurel Says:

    Wow, this is super cool! I love that you gave us a step by step photo tutorial……. This is a gorgeous box. I love it and will definitely attempt to make one!

  5. Cath Says:

    This is so fun! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! 🙂

  6. SO fun & sweet! Congrats on you shout-out by Cath on MoxieFab World too!!!

  7. Janet Ribet Says:

    Love this! Thank your for sharing!

  8. Kathy Rosecrans Says:

    Great tutorial!! Thanks for including so many photos!

  9. Jingle Says:

    That turned out really cute!

  10. laurafadora Says:

    this is awesome, gotta try it!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  11. Janet Ribet Says:

    Love your box! I made one : see here
    Thanks for the instructions!

    • Nina R. Says:

      Hi Janet, Thank you for the link! Nothing makes me happier than seeing your creations! I love the look of stamping with white distress stain:)

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