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Clay Adventure Part 2: Molds Comparison + Clay Coating 08/11/2011

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Here are four kinds of molds I have:

My favorites are the pink ones from Mold Muse; Yellow ones at top right are not as well done but the results are ok; Blue ones have permanent finger prints on them and the impressions are either too deep or too shallow 😦 results will be shown later in this post.


Below are some molds I made, love them~ Molding Tips can be find here in Part 1.


See the round panel with three flowers on at the bottom of this photo? They are Ice Resins. Because they were poured into the molds I did not have much control. However, I found out later that you can use a craft stick to go over the surface after you pour to leave just a thin layer extra which can be pull off easily. I like them together like this myself:)


These yellow molds are not as perfect as the pink ones but the results are ok.


Below are 3 different medium I used. Two on the left are Resins (pink one mixed with Distress Reinker: Fire Brick); Top right is a translucent clay; Bottom right is a regular Craft Smart clay. I think I will stick to clay from now on because the resins I poured in cannot fill into some fine detailed area (for example: the part missing on the plum one’s petal below)


I like the translucent on so much! It is very hard to ned but the results are great: no line and no cracks  at all. I bought some other colors of the same brand but have not use them yet so I do not know whether they are all hard. Sculpey ones are very soft.


See how I did not fill the molds all the way up? The fuller it is the thicker it gets. Something to consider when mixing brands of clays: The baking tempreture and time! The translucent one needs 10min at 300F, pink one I used here needs 30min at 275F… Sign…


And I tried this clay coating, I think it was about $3. There is another one for Matte Finish.



Ok, here comes the pink shimmering clay flower with a translucent center:) Before coating


After coating. The instruction says leave 24 hours to dry. So I guess it is ok to look wet at the moment.


Only right side coated on regular clay. (See the cracks in the petals? See why I love the Kato brand?:)


Only the middle ones on both rows are coated.


All done~ See the two flowers under the second blue mold from the right? They are made from the same mold. I like it thin and translucent:)


More coating and coloring~ I used copic markers on the little girrafe


I wish I did not coat my buttons. It makes them look like cheap plastic 😦


OK, my little clay adventure for today:) Hope you enjoy it~ Thanks for stopping by~

Again, Part 1 with molding tips: Click Here~


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